IntoDent Magazine and Colgate are proud to provide young dental professionals a chance to receive free products to use in their oral health promotion projects.

Product Allocation Requests for Oral Health Programs

Some general principles that shape the criteria for selection by Colgate of programs eligible for Colgate oral health products (“Products”):


  • Products need embedding in health promotion approaches rather than just being used as one off handouts to generate goodwill
  • Programs will be favoured if they demonstrate alignment with the government oral health plans and approaches cognisant of the social determinants of oral health
  • Programs should aim to improve common risk factor approaches and be connected to broader approaches aimed at improving health
  • Where there is competition for Products, programs with the best planning for sustainable, efficient, and effective outcomes will be selected
Criteria for Selection of Programs:


  In order to be eligible for Product allocation, programs will be selected on their ability to meet the following criteria or a majority thereof:

1.  Programs should be targeted at low income or socially disadvantaged communities and/or those communities with poor access to oral care;

2.  Programs should address the areas and/or recommendations in relevant government oral health policies;

3.  Approaches to oral health promotion should be informed by evidence for effectiveness where possible;

4.  Programs should have developed approaches to sustainability;

5.  Program evaluation should be planned by the requestor and such evaluation provided in an on-going way, with a report made available to Colgate upon completion of the program or as otherwise may be requested by Colgate, as a requirement of support;

6.  Agency collaborations and common risk factor approaches are encouraged to broaden the impact of the Product resources;

If the project is specifically targeting children under the age of 10 years, then your application will be assessed by the Taskforce Subcommittee of the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF).

Application Processes:


  • Program leaders need to apply for Product support in writing by completing the form on this page
  • Application for Product must be made with at least 6 weeks lead time. It is not possible to provide Products at short notice
  • Applications will be considered by Lenore Tuckerman, and Susan Cartwright, Duchesne Hall or the Taskforce Subcommittee.
  • Programs will be chosen at Colgate’s sole discretion based on how well the program meets the eligibility criteria set out above. Colgate’s decision to support or not support is final and binding. Colgate reserves the right to request verification of any information relevant to award of the allocation, including the information set out in the application form.
  • We endeavor to support as many programs as possible each year but have a finite amount of product available. Your application will be declined if product supplies are exhausted.

Thanks to everyone for your interest in promoting good oral health practices. Due to an overwhelming response, resources for the next 3 months have been depleted. Submissions for the IntoDent Oral Health Promotion program have now closed until October 2019. We invite you to re-visit us later in the year. For Bright Smiles Bright Futures materials please go to www.ColgateBSBF.com.au. If you wish to order products for purchase please ask your local Oral Care Consultant or phone the Colgate Call Centre on 1800262111 (AU) or 05082654283 (NZ)


Please fill out this application form. All fields are required and you’re required to read and accept Colgate’s terms and conditions, including Colgate’s Global Anti-bribery and 3rd Party Code of Conduct policies. Links to these policies can be found in the terms and conditions.

Remember, your project commencement date must be a minimum of six weeks away.

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