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Getting the Message Across

In this final article in this series Dr. Raj Dhaliwal will discuss how we as dental practitioners convey information to our patients. 


Social Media Marketing for Dentists: How to Promote Your Practice

How Do I Get Started With Social Media? What Should I Post on Social Media? These questions and more will be answered by Mirissa D. Price –Harvard School of Dental Medicine DMD ’19

Does 3D Imaging Belong In Your Practice?

Recently, progressive healthcare institutions have acquired CBCT to improve the delivery of healthcare to patients who expect exceptional service. Dr. Greg Grillo discusses its benefits and whether its needed on your practice.

Active Listening Not Just Hearing

Previously Dr. Raj Dhaliwal have emphasised the importance of first impressions, Now she will continue this series of articles with perhaps the most crucial element of the appointment, the diagnosis itself.

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